Beginnings, Endings And Everything In Between


It’s one of those weeks where I cannot help but contemplate the impermanence of my surroundings, of my situation, of my life path in general. It’s one of those weeks where I want to review my past year or so, the current landscape of things, and wonder what is waiting around the next bend in the road. It’s one of those weeks where it feels good to take a step back and acknowledge how all beginnings have an end, and how endings inspire new beginnings.

In truth, this week marks the end of my first beginning in New York City. Sixteen months ago, I moved here to begin my journalism master’s degree and explore where my interests in health and fitness could lead me as far as a career is concerned And over the past year, I must say I’ve witnessed plenty of beginnings and endings. From friendships to relationships to internships to special projects, my urban adventure has been full of them, along with their intertwined successes and struggles.

In reminiscing on these experiences, it’s tough to allow any emotion they inspire—the good and the not so good— come to fruition and let myself openly experience them. But that is the only way to learn from them, right? Let them be what they are, which is ultimately a part of me, and in turn learn a little bit about myself for the future. Being aware of past beginnings and endings has the power to guide us into some pretty powerful new beginnings and endings. The cycle goes on and on, but we have the ability to steer it slightly if we make an effort to simply engage in the process.

Whether big or small or monumental or invisible, next steps occur within each new day, week, month and year. And I look forward to seeing where mine lead me. I just hope I can be present enough to appreciate each beginning and ending, and the struggles and successes that come along with them.

Cheers to beginnings, endings, and all that lies in between.

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