Why Leaving New York Is By No Means A ‘Failure’

Most “naturalized” New Yorkers go through cyclical phases of cynicism with the crazy place in which they live. It’s thrilling and overwhelming, it’s bustling and chaotic, it’s lively and overstimulating. It is a thriving blend of… View Post

The Best Compliments Are The Ones That Transcend Aesthetics

Since crossing the marathon off my bucket list last fall and completing my yoga teacher training certification this spring, I’ve been consistently adjusting the ways in which I approach exercise, food and body image. My focus keeps changing, and therefore, my body keeps changing. However, I’ve found that the type of compliments and feedback I appreciate most remains the same.… View Post

I Ditched Added Sugar For A Month And Learned Exactly What ‘Addiction’ Means

Most people close to me know that I don’t have the healthiest relationship with sugar. It’s my vice I turn to when I’m stressed out or feeling overwhelmed, typically gorging on it in chocolate or ice cream form to soothe a deeper struggle. … View Post

This Is What It Really Looks Like To Be Fearless

Kyle and Ashley are fearless in both life and love. Fearlessness forms their incredible bond that so many of us crave to find in our own lives. But this level of fulfillment doesn’t come easy in life; it must be earned. And they sure as hell worked for it.… View Post