It’s “GO” Time

So my intention to post on New Year’s Day adjusted to a post within the first week of 2013… which morphed into a mid-month “new year resolutions” check in… and ultimately materialized into my only… View Post

The Business Of Begging

On a chilly Tuesday morning in November, Ryan startled awake as his apartment door slammed shut. Rubbing the sleep from his steely gray eyes, he lifted his head from the flattened pillow. Quality rest seemed… View Post

Some Things Even Personal Training Can’t Fix

I see a particular woman every time I set foot in my hometown gym. She spends 2-3 hours among the cardio machines and free weights every day, seven days a week. You would not peg… View Post

Man, It’s Good To Be Home

I’ve lived in New York City for more than four months now, despite the fact that it feels like it has only been four weeks. Clock hands seem to turn faster in the city, blending… View Post