Wait For Contact

The lights flickered, on and off, on and off, throughout Monday morning as Hurricane Sandy approached the shores of central Long Island. By 4 p.m. the lights left for good and the house fell silent.… View Post

Play The Waiting Game

While the number of eligible young voters increased over the past four years, the question remains whether they will choose to cast their ballots on Tuesday. The millennial generation, young adults ranging from 18 to… View Post

Pick A Side

Only 150 feet of Second Avenue sidewalk and two businesses separate two of the most popular frozen yogurt shops in the Upper East Side: the trendy Pinkberry and the newcomer 16 Handles. A crowd of… View Post

Take A Walk

One of the perks of being a graduate student at NYU is having the ability to explore this amazing city and call it “homework.” All new magazine writing students are required to take a multimedia… View Post