Why Self-Care Is Even More Important On Difficult Days

I think it’s pretty clear that I genuinely enjoy taking care of myself. I like living independently in the insanity that is New York City. I like nurturing my body by eating healthily (and indulging on occasion to feed my soul). … View Post

The Perks Of Pressing Reset Every Once In A While

Recently, events in my life encouraged me to reflect on friendships: friendships that have come and gone over the years, friendships I maintain in the present moment, and friendships that lie somewhere in between these two spaces.… View Post

The Key To Satisfaction (That I Have Yet To Master)

With my 27th birthday less than a week away, I’m taking the time to reflect on behaviors like this one engrained in me (whether by parental example or past life experiences) and challenging myself to work on them.… View Post

Follow Your Passion Forward

It’s amazing how one positive choice can be the catalyst for a laundry list of incredible changes. Since my yoga coursework ended almost four weeks ago, all the pieces of my life continued to fall in… View Post