Day 20: Revisiting The Intention

At the begging of teacher training, I set a very clear intention for myself: seek meaning. And today, I realized something about my intention and the way I pursued it for the past four weeks.… View Post

Day 19: The Value Of Time

Today after our final practicum (where all 20 of us took turns teaching the rest of the group for about 5 minutes each), I took a moment to listen to the chatter among my new friends. … View Post

Day 18: Find Fun In The Challenge

Today at the beginning of our asana practice, our teacher told us we would be working on abdominal strengtheners and arm balancing postures.… View Post

Day 17: Give Yourself A Break

Today’s asana practice was a perfect fit for such a dreary spring day. We focused primarily on gentle stretching and restorative poses for about two hours. … View Post