Day 12: Surrender To The Form

This week in asana practice, we are focusing heavily on standing twists and deeper backbends, neither of which are my favorite kinds of postures.… View Post

Day 11: Learn About Your Breath

I never realized how much I still had to learn about something my body did involuntarily.… View Post

Day 10: Recognize What’s Holding You Back

Throughout our philosophy reading this week and at the very end of class today, we explored the three components of yoga (self-discipline, self-study, and devotion to your superior self) and the five internal afflictions that get in our way of this experience (ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion, and a clinging to the physical body).… View Post

Day 9: Gain New Perspectives

Yoga is certainly the practice to try if you want new perspectives — both figuratively and literally.… View Post