Post-Election Mixtape For Those Who Need More Time To Grieve



We are currently experiencing one of the most tumultuous, trying and downright terrifying times in modern American history. The change in the air and energy around us is palpable. Our love no longer feels safe. Our freedoms no longer feel guaranteed. Our passions we advocate so strongly for feel threatened. It’s as though at any moment the progress we have made could be snuffed out with a single breath. And it’s crippling.

At some point in the near future, we must rise from our shadows and fears and sadness to be the agents of change this country so desperately needs. But right now in this moment, many of us simply need to sit and move through it. Experience the deepest depths of our shock and horror and anger and melancholy. Just feel it. Let it fester. Allow it to fuel our creativity and art and social activism. Watch it renew our sense of purpose in this battle.

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