Shifting Seasons

SummerCabinAs I sit here in the rural mountainside of North Carolina, I realize just how quickly this summer flew by. Twelve perfect weeks with my best friend came and went, and now he’s back in Grenada preparing to save lives one day. Twelve educational weeks at, my best magazine internship to date, concluded Friday with more lessons than I could have ever expected to learn from in one season. Twelve amazing weeks in the city completed my first full year as a NYC resident and Yankee-in-training. And here we are, September approaching, just as full of opportunities as the months that came before it.

I cannot remember the last time I felt such pressure to succeed in the way I do now. These next four months will be undeniably busy, between the final classes of my master’s degree, my dream internship and part-time personal training. Not to mention, there’s the whole end goal of a full-time magazine job by 2014 thing.

Yet it would be a shame to let life’s stresses distract me from all the experiences that await me in this last semester. Amazing opportunities will be sitting around every corner, and I would like to think that my eyes will be looking up optimistically rather than towards the ground with doubt. It will be challenging, for sure, but I plan on standing up to that challenge.

But for now, I suppose I better indulge in this fresh mountain air while I can… and hope to return at Christmas time knowing that I did everything I could to really live the rest of 2013 to it’s fullest.

How will your mindset shift with the seasons?

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