Take A Walk

One of the perks of being a graduate student at NYU is having the ability to explore this amazing city and call it “homework.”

All new magazine writing students are required to take a multimedia seminar during their first term, exposing them to DSLR photography, editing via Photoshop, and basic audiovisual skills necessary for creating supplements to written reporting or features. My first assignment this week involved me finding an “event” and taking at least 25 photos of my discovery. Turning the “to do” into a “want to,” I took to the streets of my neighborhood and began to wander.

My instincts led me to the easternmost part of the Upper East Side—the East River Walk. Approaching the waterfront at sunset, camera in hand, I snapped an hour and a half’s worth of photographs. From cargo ships and park benches to the infamous Queensboro Bridge, I tried to take in everything the path had to offer. After the darkness settled over the water and I reached the 71st Street pedestrian access bridge over FDR Drive, it hit me: this is the place I get to call home now. My new roots grow steadily, engraining my history—or at least a part of it—along sidewalks, on park paths and in subway waiting areas throughout the Upper East Side.


It’s nice to be reminded of New York’s magnificence some nights. Even though the city sometimes reeks of garbage, floods with rainwater and screams with construction noise, I can still say that I could not be happier to be living here. Sometimes, you just have to accept the good, bad and ugly of where you are, and focus on the beautiful.

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