The Beauty Of The Unknown

PathFor the first time in my life, I am without grounding. Growing up I was grounded to the home, school and town my parents selected for our family. In college I was grounded to the university’s campus and my miniature world that existed within it. In graduate school I was grounded to New York City through time with professors, internships and personal relationships.

But now, after two months full of dramatic life changes and transitions, I find myself with the freedom to float around until I decide where I want my feet to touch the ground and walk for a while. Some days this freedom excites me, and other days I find it utterly terrifying. It feels like an overdose of “the world is your oyster” idea. However, I’m grateful that I’m able to welcome it into my life alongside the new year.

And I am finally able to appreciate a lesson my father has attempted to teach me for years: I am not limited to one path in my life, and setting restrictions for myself that say otherwise will only hinder my growth as a person. Now I can actually look up and see the trail branches multiplying in front of me, and I understand that none of them are right or wrong. They just are, and I get to choose which one I want to explore first.

As we are all welcoming in 2014 and deciding what resolutions we want to stick by for the next 365 days, we should take a moment to consider our life trajectories from a broader perspective and really think about the places we are in and where we could be. I’m intrigued to see where I establish my grounding by the end of this year. And If I’m still floating around somewhere, that is a path in itself that is worth exploring. Remember: there’s nothing wrong with that.

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