Day 18: Find Fun In The Challenge


I’m going to keep it short today since I have two final exams tomorrow that require some additional studying. But luckily, the message I want to share with you all can be translated pretty quickly.

Today at the beginning of our asana practice, our teacher told us we would be working on abdominal strengtheners and arm balancing postures. While some of my classmates cheered inwardly, others grimaced — and dramatically enough to be noticed by our teacher. Being the direct and honest person that she is, she immediately addressed it. And I loved what she had to say.

I’m paraphrasing here, but the idea was that instead of facing a new situation in front of us with scowls on our faces, we should find fun in the challenge. If we start off with a negative attitude, that is already tainting the full experience. It’s seeping into how we move through the initial steps and ultimately damaging the final product. If we just try to hold on to some optimism and find grace in our struggle, the end goal already feels that much closer to us… and that much more enjoyable to achieve.

The next time you’re up against a challenge that isn’t your favorite thing in the world, catch yourself falling into the “but I don’t wanna” mentality. Find the spark that will carry you through the process and let it guide you. Trust yourself enough to make it what it needs to be for you.

It at least makes for a kickass asana practice full of abdominal strengtheners and arm balances.

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