Day 7: A Change In Plans


Thanks to the lovely Winter Storm Stella, YogaWorks had to close all of its studios (including the teacher training location) today. While I understand the need to tend to the safety of all students, I was obviously bummed that Day 7 would be spent at home reading my assignments alone and guiding myself through asana.

To be honest, I’ve never done well with changes in plans. Even when I have several days notice to adjust course and re-plan, it makes me feel uncomfortable. It disrupts my routine, transforms the expected into the unexpected, leaves me wishing for what could have been. This is especially true if the original plan was something I was really looking forward to; it becomes easy to feel resentment, agitation, and sourness.

So in a way, that makes this storm today a pretty perfect element in my yoga teacher training experience. It gave me an opportunity to embrace change, enjoy a little extra (and needed) rest, explore my readings and practice in the ways that felt natural to me in the moment, and say, “It’s okay because there is always tomorrow.” None of us are actually missing out on anything; all the lessons from today will be added to other days throughout the remaining two and a half weeks. We aren’t losing the experience. We are gaining a bonus one.

How often in life do you look at a change in course as a “bonus” experience rather than the removal of one? When you suddenly get laid off from your job you wanted to leave behind anyway, didn’t you just receive more time for you to figure out your next steps? When a trip is suddenly canceled, didn’t you just receive that wonderful window of time to create an entirely new day or week for yourself? When your favorite restaurant is booked solid for the night, didn’t you just receive an opportunity to explore a new and potentially amazing culinary experience?

It’s all a matter of perspective. So often we choose to feel frustration with the negative rather than embrace the positive. And that’s especially easy to do in a high-paced, high-stress environment like New  York City where so many aspects of our day revolve around intensity and competition. But if we were aware of our options and chose the one that better suited us, I wonder how different our days would look.

Personally, I hope I can have more different days moving forward.



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