My personal yoga journey began in 2008 as I made the transition from high school athlete to stressed-out college freshman. I fell in love with how the practice soothed my mind, nurtured my body, and inspired my soul. I also fell in love with how artfully my teachers guided me through all levels of my practice in every form and every asana.

In the spring of 2017, I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks in New York City, and I am now excited to be offering private and small-group classes as I continue to learn and grow as a teacher. I teach vinyasa and yin yoga with a focus on the philosophy of the practice as well as the value of meditation, but I happily customize the style of my classes to my students’ needs.

Interested in taking a class from me? Message me via my “Connect” page! I’m currently limited to the Asheville area, and I can teach in the hours before or after a traditional workday, as well as on weekends. I’m also happy to teach yoga in an events capacity. Let me know what your interests are and we can come up with a game plan together that helps everyone!

If you’d like to read about my journey with my yoga teacher training certification, check out the blog posts below. It truly was a transformational experience, and these are the kinds of messages I’m most excited to share as I bring the practice of yoga to others.

Getting Laid Off From My Job Led To My Biggest Transformation Yet

Day 1: All About The Intention

Day 2: The Exhaustion That Comes With The Transformation

Day 3: Embrace Vulnerability

Day 4: Breaking Bad Habits

Day 5: The Search For Balance

Day 6: Finding Your OM

Day 7: A Change In Plans

Day 8: Acknowledge Your Mental Obstacles

Day 9: Gain New Perspectives

Day 10: Recognize What’s Holding You Back

Day 11: Learn About Your Breath

Day 12: Surrender To The Form

Day 13: The Pitfalls Of Tradition

Day 14: Remember How To Laugh

Day 15: Think Lovely Thoughts

Day 16: Let Go Of Your Labels

Day 17: Give Yourself A Break

Day 18: Find Fun In The Challenge

Day 19: The Value Of Time

Day 20: Revisiting The Intention